How it Works

1. Connect to Our API

Connect with our state-of-the-art production facilities via a single source API. Then, with one simple snippet of data and an image file, we can begin processing orders either individually or by the thousand.

2. Start Selling

With production automated, you can now focus exclusively on sales and marketing. Plus, because we only start printing once you've captured payment, you'll never need to worry about excess inventory or designs that don't sell.

3. Packed & Shipped

Each order in our system is assigned a scannable smart label that guides it through the print process. This also allows you to track your orders from blank shirts on the shelf to printed and shipped, often while it's still warm.

4. Own Your Customer

Our white label shipping options keep The Dream Junction name out of the transaction. Plus, you can always equip us with your own branded bags or promotional inserts to really own the customer experience.

Inventory Carousel


Industry Leading Speed & Color Accuracy

OvalJet’s patented closed-loop technology moves each garment through a carousel of automated stations that pretreat, dry, and heat press garments in one smooth motion. This allows one operator to achieve full color, full size prints at unparalleled speeds and efficiencies.

100% Digital High Resolution Printing

OvalJet's Ricoh Gen 5 print heads lay down 600x1800 dpi of high quality ink for each image. This allows your designers to experiment with unlimited colors, gradients, and photorealistic images which would be impossible via traditional screenprinting.

Closed-Loop Pretreat & Flash Drying

OvalJet's closed-loop system is designed to keep your costs down while also assuring a very high quality print. Also, due to the inherent standardization of each 'stage' on the OvalJet track, we can maintain consistency between machines hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

OvalJet "Fuel" Consumables

Finally, OvalJet has produced its own custom line of inks. These inks allow OvalJet partners to keep their consumables costs as low as possible while also creating the opportunity to constantly iterate on the OvalJet formula without adversely effecting supply chain or total cost.

OvalJet Speed Test
Fifth Sun | Partner Testimonial

OvalJet, Testimonial
date_range 11 January, 2018

While participating in 240 Tech’s OvalJet Beta program, we have experienced up-to 300% increases in throughput when compared to our other systems, while decreasing printing costs by over 25% per unit. In addition, we have experienced higher quality prints, with increased color accuracy and improved hand feel.
--Jaymes Clements
Vice President of Operations, Fifth Sun